The Importance of a Will

As the saying goes "there are only 2 things certain in life, death and taxes".

In saying this however, it may surprise you to know that only around 45 % of us have a Will, according to the statistics. Making arrangements for a Will is generally a straight forward and an inexpensive process. When it comes to thinking about doing a Will, many people hold the sentiment that if they die without one, it wont be their problem. However not having a Will can lead to expensive legal problems for family members, including the potential of delaying the distribution of the estate. These problems can be so easily avoided by having an up-to-look Will, which has been properly considered and prepared.

However even if you have a Will, it may be worth going over to ensure that it is still up to date. It is prudent to review the contents of your Will at least every 2 to 3 years given that life changes continually. Please contact me should you have any queries concerning this important issue.

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