How We Can Help

We offer a range of services dealing with various aspects of family law as well as other areas of the law including:

  • Children's Living Arrangements Between Separated Couples

  • Preparation of Consent Orders for Children's Issues

  • Representation in The Family Court of Australia, and The Federal Circuit Court and Magistrates Courts 

  • Domestic Violence Issues (including representation of clients in the city and suburban Magistrates Courts)

  • Child Support

  • Preparation of Child Support Agreements

  • Property Settlement

  • Preparation of Consent Orders for Property Settlement

  • Preparation of Pre-Nuptual Agreements, Co-Habitation Agreements, Separation Agreements (Also known as Binding Financial Agreements - BFAs

  • Review of Existing Wills

  • Preparation of New and Updating Wills 

  • Preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Traffic and Drink Driving Matters (including representation of clients in the city and suburban Magistrates Courts)

  • Criminal Law Matters

Your First Step - Booking an Appointment

Should you have a legal enquiry please contact us by booking an appointment for an initial consultation. This usually runs for approximately 1 hour, during which a general assessment will be provided to you in relation to your enquiry. Our costs for such an initial consultation is $330 including GST. 


For family law enquiries, you will be given advice by way of an assessment of the options that are available to you starting with the least expensive and time effective option right through to the most costly of going through the court system. 


The assessment will include advice in respect to the options that you need to consider in progressing your matter for issues which you may give further consideration to in the event that you are contemplating seperation.